Guy Parrish, Muskogee

I read of a scientist that developed a cure for cancer, but his cure had one minor setback. The cure killed all of his patients. Our nation has been lied to beyond reason and we have been kept occupied with a constant barrage of "Orange man bad." From the ridiculous and false story of the Russian collusion to President Trump's 100% fault of a Chinese virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate. 

All the while our freedoms and liberties are being slowly taken from us. Many have rushed to endorse a half senile, do-nothing corrupted career politician with hairy legs, to save us from the evil President. That is like the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders or the cows voting for the butcher. Instead of Making America Great Again, looks like America will be back in bed with China again. After all, 2020 was the Chinese year of the Rat. Isn't that appropriate? We shut down the world to save people, yet according to the United Nations (because of the shutdown not the virus) 240 million people will starve to death. What a way to die. Not including the tens of thousands that have died of suicide, stress, fear, and lack of medicine and/or medical care. Millions of jobs, retirements, homes, and financial futures have been sacrificed to supposedly save a few more people. 

But we have a bigger problem. The cure is killing the patients. If you create a Frankenstein, don't be surprised when he eats the village.

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