Dan Chepkauskas,


My entire family has supported George Faught in all of his past seven election campaigns. I consider he and his wife Becky as friends.

But elections are about more than friendships. They are about who can do the best job at representing our district.

In his first term, Representative Chris Sneed, has established himself as a leader, being the vice chairman of the powerful House Insurance Committee and slated as the next chairman!

Since my friend George was defeated last election and has already served 10 years in the Legislature, if elected, he would be considered a freshman, have only one term left and would not be in line for a chairmanship nor retain any of his seniority other than what would be used to recalculate his retirement increase.

Here is our contrast between Chris and my friend George:

Chris is an up-and-coming House member who holds a powerful position. Considered by many as one of the new leaders and has 10 years left of eligibility giving our small district a big voice.

George (who is a great guy) will be, what is referred to as a “Lame Duck” since he can only serve for one term, which makes it virtually impossible to help our district.

Friendships are important, and George is a friend, but I’m going to vote for the best candidate who can best help our area and can serve more than just one term.

Myself and my family will be voting for Chris Sneed!

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