Calvin and Joyce Rock, Muskogee


Greetings to all my Cherokee friends and family.

This June, many of our Cherokee councilmembers are up for election. For District 4, that includes much of Muskogee County. Councilman Mike Dobbins is running for reelection.

Everyone who has ever had the privilege of visiting with Mike knows what a heart he has for his job on the council. He represents us well and fights hard to make sure available services provided by the Cherokee Nation benefit District 4.

The opening of the Cherokee Nation’s Career Services field office at 1305 Country Club Road in 2020 is just one of Mike’s accomplishments. This office enables Cherokee citizens to apply for certain programs without having to travel to Tahlequah. 

Paving area roads, expanding health care services at Three Rivers Clinic, providing funding for education and sponsoring community meetings – these are all things that we can count on from Councilman Dobbins. During the COVID Pandemic Councilman Dobbins has made sure Cherokee in his district have benefited from food giveaways, elder and student funding, COVID testing and vaccines, and other services.

As we look to the future, I encourage you to vote for Mike Dobbins to represent District 4 on the Cherokee Nation Council for another four years. In this time of social distancing many of us will be voting by mail. If you have questions about registering to vote, or receiving an absentee ballot, I encourage you to reach out to Councilman Dobbins or the Cherokee Nation Election Commission at 918-458-5899 or

My wife and I would also be willing to assist you with receiving an absentee ballot if needed.

You may contact me at or (505) 801-8105.

Great things happen with great leadership! Re-elect Mike Dobbins to Cherokee Council.

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