Jon Shaw,

Fort Gibson

Elections are upon us, and signs are going up. Some of you may notice the "Re-Elect" George Faught signs, but don't be fooled. George Faught doesn't currently hold an office. He did in the past, and I'd imagine that's his justification for keeping the "Re-Elect" signs up. 

However, I find it unsettling that someone who runs on issues of morality would also willingly try to trick people into voting for him on the fact that it looks like he's an incumbent. This intentionally deceptive practice is exactly how he handled business while he was in office. Remember the teacher walkout? He was one of the main reasons that it happened because of his long history of voting against properly funding public schools, and then defending his actions by invoking some long ago promise that he made to his wife. Ask a teacher how available he was during the walkout. 

I'm sorry, but when you run for an office you take an oath to do what's best and right for all of the people you represent, not for just your family. 

Chris Sneed has been in office for two years and has already visited more public schools than Faught did in his previous 10. Chris Sneed has also yet to be a national embarrassment to his state. By my count, that's the only category in which Faught outdoes Sneed. National embarrassments. So if you want honesty and transparency with your elected officials, take note in how they advertise.

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