Larry Parsons


Donald Trump hates America!!

That's right, Trumpbots, your white messiah hates America. Only someone who hates America would do the things he's doing. At the G7 summit, Vlad Jr. went off repeatedly at the other six leaders about how democracy sucked, authoritarianism is the way to go. He's been whining to his brainless base about how the Democrats are destroying the Constitution. He doesn't give two craps about the Constitution. He called the emoluments clause, the one designed to prevent con artists like him from enriching himself with gifts from foreign countries, the clause he's been violating since day one, "phony." He's a grifter and he's going to prison.

Ignoramuses have been showing up at his Nuremberg rallies wearing shirts saying "I'd rather stand with Russia than the Democrats." They repeat right-wing talking points that ask wouldn't you rather have Putin for a friend than an enemy. Newsflash, comrades: He's always been an enemy. And he's winning.

Pelosi was right. With Vlad Jr. all roads lead to Putin. But try telling that to the fascists who get their "facts" from Faux News.

You want to know who's another Russian asset and too dumb to know it? Your sniveling sycophantic pitiful excuse for a congressman, Markwayne Mullin. That penny-ante plumbers been running all over the 2nd District peddling some semi-slick News Agency Tass-style piece of lies and bullcrap. He's just like his master: he's in this for himself, his money and his business. Maybe after dear leader is impeached he can move to Moscow. I'm sure they need a plumber of his minimal skills and limited intellect.

Trump boasted he could stand on Fifth Avenue, shoot someone and not lose one supporter. He's done worse. He's in D.C. blowing holes in our Constitution. And he's not lost one cultist.

I'm pretty sure, on some deep down level his supporters hate America, too. They're all narcissists just like their fuhrer. So it's really Make Me Great Again. Just don't take their free stuff away. Take everyone else's.

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