Clara Meeks, Muskogee

We have a great opportunity this November. We will have the chance, after 53 years, to vote for a Senator who represents all of the District and not just a few. 

Mr. Inhofe, I have a few questions that I need answers to. Why will you not debate Abby Broyles? You said that we know your stand on the issues so you don't have to prove anything. Don't you think that might be taking some of us for granted? 

Your ads on TV call Abby all sorts of names familiar to all of us who are not Right Wing Extremists. She's too liberal, she's a socialist and you claim she wants to take away our Democracy. This is where I call BS! No one wants to destroy our democracy except someone who has occupied the Senate seat for 53 long years. 

You, along with other Senators, attended a meeting with the president concerning the coronavirus and then fell in line to see how fast you could get rid of millions of dollars in stocks before the market crashed. 

I know, I know, you weren't at that meeting and no one informed you what it was about. Puh-lease! We may be Okies but we're not dumb Okies. You say we all know where you stand but I, for one, do not and I'm sure there are a lot more voters like me. Do the debate!! 

You assure us that you stand in unison with the president and you are so close to him. Well we know that you, Mitch and Lindsey are, at least, close enough to lick his boots.

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