Larry Parsons,


First, condolences to Jasmine B. Ong and her family for their loss. My parents were among the many who were patients of her father. And she's right as to where to place the blame. So far Gov. Stitt hasn't shown one ounce of backbone in dealing with the COVID crisis. His biggest concern was and still is pleasing his seditionist former president. Absolutely refusing to issue a statewide mask mandate is the mark of cowardice. Hand him another gun bill or some worthless unconstitutional proclamation pertaining to President Biden's executive orders and he'll sign that in a heartbeat. And then hold it up for all to see, just like his role model used to do, with that dumb "look what I can do" look on his face.

Seriously, this guy's not very bright. But he's gonna tow the "conservative" line: massive tax cuts for the wealthy, making sure cowardly right-wingers can stay armed to the teeth, and the new No. 1 on the list: absolute fealty to a traitorous criminal who belongs in prison.

He continues to appoint donors and cronies to key financially lucrative positions in state government. In keeping with the current fascist playbook, he's doing everything he can to further divide rural and urban areas, such as moving the state Health Department from its longtime home in OKC to the boonies in Stillwater. I've long said the COVID books in Oklahoma were being cooked. Now investigators are looking at a gross undercount of statewide COVID deaths. (Sounds like New York, only on a larger scale.)

As for financial decisions, they're still negotiating with the makers of hydroxychloroquine to return the $2 million in taxpayer money they spent (without our approval) on a faux-COVID cure which didn't work. Heavily promoted by their messiah. No word on how much taxpayer dollars were spent on Clorox or UV lights.

In a recent op-ed he echoed Trump, saying open schools safely but open them NOW. Any idiot would know you can't do both. Not in cash-strapped Oklahoma where there's barely enough money to keep school doors open much less fund the safety measures they need to deal with COVID.

And no doubt he's a racist, because instead of raising taxes on mostly-white billionaires in this state he chooses to perform a Mafiosi-style shakedown of the Tribes.

That's just the tip of this iceberg. But what he lacks in smarts he more than makes up for in deviousness. Taking page after page from the Trump playbook, he's grabbing power in ways never seen in this state. And I'm pretty sure if competent investigations could put his dealings under a bright light, there's enough there to put him behind bars.

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