Jeffrey Pickens, Stillwater


I’m Republican and didn’t vote Trump or Clinton 2016.

Trump didn’t tell us how serious the virus was to avoid panic?

I disagree that encouraging us to follow medical advice would start a panic.

Public medical experts have made it clear that the best way to save lives is to cover our mouth/nose and social distance.

I think Trump panicked and froze up under pressure. Instead of being a manager of experts, he interfered with our medical response. When Trump didn’t strongly endorse medical advice, the virus got a head start spreading through our population. He may have personally increased the spread of it through the government as well. In other words, he made it worse!

I am totally offended by Trump’s failure to take COVID seriously.

My family was greatly impacted by the pandemic 1918-19. It killed my great grandparents as young adults. My grandma and her five siblings were childhood orphans. They grew up in an orphanage.

In 1918-19, we learned what happens when a population is not prepared. The first fall of that pandemic killed enormous numbers. All estimates put U.S. deaths from that flu at around 675,000. COVID-19 has killed over 220,000 in about eight months. Math indicates this is just as bad as 1919 if we don’t follow medical advice.

I am not a military veteran. However, I am confident that I am serving my country by asking ya’ll to vote for Joe Biden. 

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