Martha Wyatt


What standards should we expect from our elected leadership?

More, higher, greater.

I do not understand Senator Lankford's silence, and frankly I no longer care. I do know I will not sit by and let Donald Trump and his associates bring down my country and what it stands for.

I remember Nixon. I remember Clinton. Neither possessed the deep level of hate and disrespect this man has shown toward our country.

I call for an official impeachment inquiry to begin immediately. I would hope Senator Inhofe, Senator Lankford, and Representative Mullin could pull the gags from their mouths and speak up for our Oklahoma farmers, Native Americans, our Latinos, our growing elder population and those children who go hungry each night through no fault of their own.

Their legacy is at stake. If nothing else, I know they care deeply about that. Is this how they want to be remembered? With their names associated with Trump and his failures?

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