A.C. Lorenz


O.K. Muskogee here we go. We have a progressive bond issue to vote on. I thought at first it might be a little too much. I now believe it is just what we need.

It will cost us some, but almost all improvement comes with a cost. Several surrounding smaller school systems have passed bonds lately. I believe part of the reason is PRIDE in their school.

Most people don’t want a decline and ultimately loss of their school. Pride in your school is very important to success. Pride is getting to class on time, every time, with everything you need to do your work to the best of your ability, and not keep anyone else from doing his or her work, i.e. assignments.

Yes, clean, shinning floors and restrooms, study areas, well designed classrooms and walkways all help build pride and foster success in the students. Oh, and help retain good teachers.

We don’t have children in Muskogee schools now but have had. Our athletic teams are doing good. The band is strong along with the vocational agriculture program.

Won’t it be great upon completion of the project to enjoy some of the best games, concerts, arts and competition in our community.

I have always believed the best entertainment and the most inexpensive is in our school program.

If we want the status quo, vote no or just stay home. If we want our community to be progressive and welcome new families, vote yes and encourage others to follow your lead. So come on Muskogee. Let’s make it happen. Vote yes. Where’s my yard sign?

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