Larry Parsons


Sinclair Lewis (or someone) wrote "when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Fascism isn't coming to America: it's already here, and it was wrapped in a flag and carried a cross. People who cringe at the merest mention of socialism drop to their knees in warm embrace of fascism. Especially Trumpbots.

Trump's snowflakes say bashing him is treason. Like, saying some draw comparisons between him and Kim Jong-un. North Korean propaganda says Kim doesn't need to poop or urinate because his body's immense energy burns up all his waste. Can't compare Trump to that. He has no energy and is a bloated sack of crap. Now that's just freedom of speech. The same freedom they enjoyed while making racist jokes about Obama.

And as always, leading his worshipers are the conservative evangelicals. In ancient Greek evangel meant "good news." There is NO good news regarding Trump. Right wing evangelicals sing praises to the closest thing we'll ever see to the anti-Christ in our lifetime.

At the prayer breakfast, Trump mocked the teachings of Christ, while evilgelical leaders like Graham, Falwell Jr., and Jeffress sat silent. Franklin Graham is such a hypocrite he attacked J. Lo on social media for her performance on the Super Bowl halftime. This after repeatedly saying Trump defends Christianity and watching as Trump wiped his rear with Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

The excuses theocrats use to justify their worship of Trump are ludicrous. Oh, we weren't voting for a Sunday school teacher. Well, character matters, and they and their lord are completely devoid of any. Just as long as he checks all the boxes, like stacking the courts with far-wing judges who'll back their claims of "religious freedom," which means taking away the rights of people they don't like. By engaging in theocracy every one of them are guilty of treason.

We are taught God so loved the world He sent his son Jesus.

The other guy sent Trump.

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