Larry Parsons


With each passing day, Donald Trump proves he's unfit for office. His delusions and psychosis are completely off the scale. He is a danger to everyone in this country, and pretty much the entire planet. But try telling that to his fevered base. It's useless. So let's look at that base. Why not, since they're resistant to common sense and reality.

Trump is a moron elected president by a bunch of other morons. He is a champion of ignorance and a leader of ignorants. His more fervent acolytes are proud of their racism and are committing mass murders in his name. Usually aimed at people of color or a different religion. By the way, Trump claims to be a Christian but he's not, and not very many of his supporters can pass the smell test on that either.

Trump didn't start the fires of racism but he's constantly stoking it. His base claims he's not a racist, but you can put lipstick on a demon and it's still a demon.

Like his base Trump is obsessed with Obama. I guess eight years of wandering in the wilderness and feeling "enslaved" by a black president left them all seriously unhinged. But obsession is a mental illness. So if Republicans are the least bit serious about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, practically everyone at a Trump rally, including him, shouldn't be allowed within a million miles of a gun.

This August marked 50 years since the Tate-LaBianca murders. The similarities between Charles Manson and Trump are frightening. Manson was a cult leader. Republicans are wallowing in a cult of personality, led by Trump. Manson gave orders to kill people. Trump's orders aren't overt, but the message is clear. When he says "our" country he means whites only. Somewhere in the bowels of Hell, Charles Manson is looking at Trump and beaming with pride.

Oh, and Hitler claims he wanted to "make Germany great again" too. How 'bout that?

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