Edward V. Harris


Donald Trump has again shown he is not capable of making rational decisions as leader of our country. He has showed how he lies and exaggerates to appease his base and feed his ego concerning the coronavirus.

Trump contends a vaccine can be out for this virus in two months. This is completely unrealistic. Even the least intelligent student in a health class has been taught it takes more than a year to develop, test and implement vaccines.

Donald Trump contends, after he first stated the Democrats were using the coronavirus as a political tool, that there is no worry in the country about the virus. Not true! Trump and his group cut funding for CDC, and fired scientist and health workers. These actions make us vulnerable to a disaster from this virus.

Trump would prefer to fund a wall, not wanted by the majority of the population, rather than fund programs that will be of benefit to people.

Trump shows by his actions that he isn’t capable of being the leader of our country. We need to vote out Trump and his group that don’t place the needs of our citizens on a high priority.

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