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Gentlemen or Ladies

Yet another piece of “information” boosting the somewhat sizable school bond.

"Observations and Questions”

Observation — Appears a little lop-sided favoring “athletics” — move the $5 million for ‘land acquisition’ into it’s rightful place and that brings “athletics” up to $42 million — pretty steep for a program that has little or nothing to do with scholastic achievement. Also, couldn’t tell that the football stadium was worn out — seems to eat good amount of money each year or so.

Questions — Real or perceived: MPS has two issues that need to be resolved.

1. School system is tagged with the reputation of “Low Scholastic Achievement.”

2. School system is tagged with the reputation of “Behavior Problems.”

These two issues may be causing our loss — and growth in Hilldale, Fort Gibson and Wagoner. Also, have no issues with repair of some buildings, but, if the cost estimates are no more accurate than the ‘rehab’ of the BEST center — look out. That one was low 100%.

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