The family of Gracie Mae Logan would like to thank you for the kind expressions of sympathy, love and comfort. Please know that every act of kindness was greatly acknowledged and deeply appreciated. We thank each of you for honoring the memory of our love one. May God bless and keep you.

Family of Gracie Mae Logan

Citizens and supporters of the reception and oath ceremony on March 11 at City Hall Council Chambers in Muskogee:

I write personally to express my gratitude and wish to thank my family, friends, neighbors and community members including Pastor Leroy Walker and my fellow church members. My children Jacqueline, Shabrieal, Ivory and Michael, and Alexis Hamm, age 9. All Ward III voters and the Robison Park Community Association members.

A special thank you to the extraordinary individuals who tirelessly pioneered over 20 years volunteering their time with dedication to our community at-large, simultaneously paving the way for the inclusion in participation today in city management affairs. Avalon Reece Council Woman, Ward III; Shirley Mackey, director, Senior Citizen’s Lunch Program; Robert Perkins, vice mayor and councilman, Ward III; for support of ward voting to Cedric Johnson, legal redress chairman; and DeWayne Smoot, writer, Muskogee Phoenix; the owner and staff of the Muskogee Phoenix; Dennis Wilhite, community affairs liaison; campaign supporters, A. Dean and Sylvia Swan, volunteers; the Democratic party CD2; campaign supporters, Stephen Ezell, for the bible gifting and Angie O’Neil for the impressive and delectable desserts provided during the reception.

I also express my sincere gratitude for the support of the Muskogee City Clerk’s office staff and my fellow councilors and Honorable Mayor Bob Coburn; Roy Tucker, city attorney; Matthew Beasley, assistant city attorney; Howard Brown Jr., city manager; Pam Bates, city clerk; Chris Cummings, technician, IT Department; and all the contributors and supporters of the election process in the City of Muskogee.

I promise, as newly elected Ward III councilor for the 2014 through 2018 term to serve faithfully, with dignity and honor and maintain an open door policy with respect in gratitude of your honorable participation. Without your dedication and commitment, I would not have been elected. I hope you will be proud for supporting me, thank you.

“If I can help someone as I pass along this way, my living will not be in vain ... and to God be the glory.”

Ivory Vann,

Councilor Ward III

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