I made an appointment with a doctor here in town for an ingrown toenail. I went for my initial visit, saw the doctor for approximately five minutes (if that), and he was to do the procedure next week.

I went to pay for my office visit, and they told me it was $150. The removal of the toenail was going to be $350. I was so in shock I couldn’t really say anything. I paid the $150 and left furious. I didn’t want to blow up, so I waited and tried to cool off.

I called the doctor's office a few hours later and was given the office manager. He explained to me the office visit was normally $200 and the procedure was normally $1,000, and he felt they were giving me a great deal.

My heart doctor charges me $95 for an office visit. At least, I get weighed and my blood pressure checked. This doctor’s office didn’t do anything whatsoever.

Apparently, doctors are so greedy for the dollar they feel no remorse gouging hardworking people.

Maybe I’m just not with the times anymore. When you are over 50 and can’t get health insurance or afford it, but are too young for Medicare, I guess you just deal or die.

Of course, I imagine those in the health care industry will justify, as they have their righteous indignation over people like me — $150 is a lot of money to someone who works six days a week.

Maybe some doctor will remember this when some working stiff comes to his office to see him. Oops, sorry, I was dreaming.

Danny R. Owens


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