This is in response to the Jan. 19 letter titled “Emergency plan missing, not working.”

My first response to the author is that you are detatched from reality. I would like to commend and sincerely thank everyone who worked to restore power.

I wonder if you ever worked outdoors in the weather conditions we have had and done it for days on end and 10, 12 or 15 hours at a time? Have you ever risked a crippling injury (one worker has already fallen and broken his back in four places) or death to do what these folks are doing?

My advice to you is to keep your whining to yourself and let these folks do their jobs.

You have to play the cards that are dealt. My wife and I spent two days pulling limbs with our pickup truck that were very heavy with ice out of trees before they fell and damaged something on our property. I hated to lose the trees, but when it comes to a choice between the trees and damage to my home, then the top branch of that tree had better be looking for a good place to land because that sucker is hitting the ground. I cut two more of them down one other morning.

We bought a generator when we moved here from Texas last January for just the conditions we are facing now. So far, I have spent $200 to keep it going. I get up at 4 a.m. every morning to put wood on the fire to keep my family warm.

This includes my wife’s 92-year-old father and her 85-year-old mother, who live with us.

We work hard to keep each others’ spirits up and deal with this situation as best we can. We certainly don’t have a letter published in the paper whining because we have some delusional idea that the power crews aren’t doing their job simply because we don’t have power yet.

Remember, the first responder is you.

Gene Pearson


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