I could not help but notice that on the day our pastor’s story came out about him possibly facing up to 13 years for obtaining property by false pretenses and unlawfully disposing of mortgaged property that another man pleaded guilty of first-degree manslaughter and received a 10-year suspended sentence.

Even if the Rev. A.H. Jones was not my pastor, the message of unfairness is amazing.

Does this send the message that you can shoot and kill someone and receive a suspended sentence, but obtain merchandise by false pretenses and face up to 13 years?

There are at least 233 churches in the Yellow Pages of the greater Muskogee area. Of all these, it appears that the Phoenix can find nothing to print about other churches or pastors, but ours. You cannot tell me that every congregation and preacher in Muskogee is living right, except Jones.

My challenge to you is to print all crimes that happened in 1997. Remind us of the glitch that counted 465 students who were not there. Print how the Gospel Rescue Mission has monies stolen and nobody went to prison. Don’t forget United Way, also. As recently as Nov. 19, a letter to the editor spoke of some black preachers who interfered with another church’s affairs, and no other preacher was named but Jones.

The members of Old Agency Baptist Church know that God forgives, but it is hard for people to forgive one another.

We forgive you just as Jesus forgave us.

There is something wrong with the importance of stories in the eyes of the newspaper. Could it be because Jones is a black man that you consider him an outspoken leader in the community?

But a special thanks to the Phoenix and whomever sent our pastor’s story to the Tulsa news stations. Thank you for all the free publicity for our church and pastor. We know that all the good that Jesus did for others, and all the love he showed people, some are still trying to disprove who he is and still speak negatively about him and his miracles.

We all have to be careful because we know what can happen when people go on a witch hunt.

D. Shine


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