Warner’s City Council needs a prison mainly for them. They do nothing on the up and up, and they are always surrounded by secrecy.

They have meetings they post and do not attend and do not have the common courtesy to tell the public it has been canceled (Feb. 18). When the Warner council has a meeting, they hide behind closed doors. One can’t comprehend their agenda because it is in code. It seems they are doing something that isn’t right or legal. I guess they like it that way so they can suck more dollars out of the taxpayers.

They like to impose their will on taxpayers and get something they believe is free to them. They want to create a bigger ship for us to fund. The people that will carry most of the burden for a prison will be the taxpayers, paying off defaulted bonds when their deal goes bad.

If Warner gets a prison, it will scare off other businesses and new people. The only prisoners here will be the taxpayers. Have you ever seen a town with a prison have much?

Most of the jobs will be low-paying jobs that won’t contribute to the tax base. The prisoners, I assume, will be from out of state and most will be of low-income families. Some of these families will visit and move here bringing in more drugs and crime for us taxpayers to pick up again.

Warner should take care of what they already have. They have an inadequate water system that is always being scrutinized by water quality through the EPA. They have inadequate infrastructure, sewer, etc.

However, we have plenty of new toys in town. It seems they are more interested in starting another mess instead of fixing existing problems. If Warner was truly open and honest about a prison, it should be up to a vote of the people.

However, I wonder whose pockets will be padded at the taxpayers’ expense this time.

Jason Synar


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