I have lived in Warner for 42 years, (that’s all my life) and I have seen businesses come and go. I know that a few businesses have tried to come to Warner, just to be turned down.

I would rather see new businesses and not a prison. Has anyone stopped to wonder how this would affect property values? I own my home as do many others in town and I am wondering how this would affect us as property owners.

I do not believe that I could continue to feel the degree of safety that I enjoy right now. According to the letter published on Feb. 19, we could be in for some major problems should we accept this proposal.

Warner is not a rich town. How would we pay for this? Why should Warner residents be responsible for building a prison when we can’t even update our water system?

We are not on the 911 system.

Our city streets are made of gravel and tar. We don’t have stop lights, (nor do we need them). And we have a small police force.

I say let’s get genuine businesses to set up shop in Warner so that Warner residents can work in a safe environment, with good pay and benefits.

No one wants to look at a large concrete facility with tall fences and razor wire.

No one wants to worry about their loved ones being safe while at work.

No one wants to worry about a prison break threatening their families and property.

I know I would just fall over dead if I came out in the morning to start my car only to find an escaped prisoner hiding near my home. Nor would I like to become that prisoner’s hostage.

Warner is a family town, not a prison town. Let’s not ruin the relative safety that the Warner residents have come to enjoy and depend upon.

I know that Warner has had some sad things happen in the last few weeks, but compared to the towns and cities around us, we have a low crime rate and we are a wonderful example of a good Christian town. Let’s keep it that way.

Tara Mabrey


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