In regards to a Dec. 15 letter, I do not think of a spanking or paddling as corporal punishment.

Yes, if a parent or teacher leaves bruises or beats a child, that is cruel and abusive and may cause dangerous or mental problems.

I think anyone who has sexual or sadistic feelings while spanking a child is mentally sick and should not be punishing anyone.

It is wrong to think that talking to a child or sending them to their room without further punishment will work. They play their televisions, stereos, tapes and movies. What kind of punishment is that?

To prove my point that spanking, not a beating, is not harmful, let me give you a few examples:

My mother had two brothers and five sisters. They all got spankings. There are none of the eight who beat their spouses or children, ever been in jail, and none of them are mentally sick. They are productive and successful people.

I have two brothers and three sisters. We got spankings. None of us have ever been in jail or pregnant before we married or expected someone to take care of us. And we didn’t blame our misfortunes on our teachers, parents or society.

I have two sons and two daughters. They are well-adjusted children, support themselves, haven’t been in jail, haven’t done drugs and are not drunks.

I have 10 grandchildren. They are well behaved, go to school every day, don’t get into trouble, work for the things they want and don’t get drunk or do drugs. All of these families got spankings.

Also, there was a rule, “If you get a whipping at school and you were wrong, you got a whipping at home.” The parents backed up the teachers.

All the shootings at schools now are because children have never paid any consequences for their actions. I have never got a whipping I didn’t deserve and should have got a few I did deserve.

Carol Stout


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