Holly Rosser Miller

Holly Rosser Miller

These last couple of months have been a whirlwind in my office. There’s been plenty of real estate transactions going down, which is awesome, but we have also been abuzz because my colleague Karra Wardour and many other dedicated citizens of Muskogee have been hard at work on the “Yes for MPS” campaign supporting our upcoming school bond election on Oct. 8.

Hopefully you’ve seen the signs all over town or heard a presentation from Dr. Mendenhall, our superintendent. At the very least you might have read the comprehensive flyer that was mailed to every household in the Muskogee Public School District. 

If you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes and check it out. In it is a vision of how our schools and facilities can be changed for the better if we all pull together and decide our kids and grandkids deserve more.

I’ve been hearing a lot of folks online and about town talking about the millage rate increases and seriously y’all — most of these folks don’t understand what mills are, much less how they are even calculated! 

And lucky for you, I am not going to try to explain millage rates or how they work, mostly because I will probably just confuse (myself) you. What I am going to remind you of is the bottom line which is this: If we all spend just a little, our kids get a lot. 

I have talked about this bond issue in a previous column and tried to break down the numbers so you didn’t have to. Not to worry, my sources are smarter than me. They must be pretty smart, you say? Indeed.

So here’s a reminder of what it’ll take: Let’s say you own a home valued at $50,000, we’ll need about a buck-fifteen per week. That’s a $5 bill once a month or about $60 dollars total when taxes are due.

Perhaps you own a home valued at $100,000– our kiddos just need like $2.30 extra from you a week. That’s 33 cents a day or $119.30 a year.

If you feel like I’m giving you one of those TV pitches for you to sponsor a child— WELL, MAYBE I AM. Our kids are made for more and deserve to learn and grow in facilities that have been updated since the Cold War.

You don’t need to understand mills to do some rough math here — the few mills you throw at this raises us MILLIONS. So vote YES on Oct. 8.

Holly Rosser Miller has lived and worked in Muskogee for 18 years.

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