I want to inform the voters of Wagoner, Adair, Cherokee and Sequoyah counties of my family’s experience with District Attorney Richard Gray.

Dec. 19, 2002, my sister, Dayna Kizzia, was murdered in Wagoner County. After the arrest was finally made and charges were filed in March 2003, my father and I tried on several occasions to meet with Gray. He never had time.

In September 2003, the morning the trial was to begin, Gray introduced himself for the first time to my family and me, only to tell us the wrong charges were filed. What a shock.

The trial was delayed so the correct charges could be filed. Upon requesting a copy of the amended charges and penalties, our family realized the charges filed only carried three to five years if found guilty. My sister was murdered and the only closure Gray could give us was three to five years.

After seeking help from the Attorney General’s Office, we were advised the charges should be first-degree murder. We then met with Gray, and he still refused to file first-degree murder charges. We were finally able in December 2003 to get Gray to recuse himself. The Attorney General’s Office appointed District Attorney Eddie Wyant from another county to prosecute this case. The men were found guilty of first-degree murder and are serving life in prison.

My family and I respect the law and just wanted justice served. Gray’s attention on this case was null and void. I cannot vote in any of these counties because I do not live in any of them, and I don’t want anyone to take only my word when choosing your next district attorney. But check the court records in Wagoner County.

I know of a school bus stabbing in Porter that Gray was at the very first court appearance one week after the stabbing. Maybe his presence was because the TV stations were covering this story.

Maybe our family should have invited the media to court. Gray’s office cost our family one year of being able to see justice served.

Leon Clymer


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