I have known Gary Updyke for over 20 years. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of getting to know him even better over the past few years.

Gary and Cindy are two of the finest people I know. He is our kind of man for the job — District 15 state representative. Gary is fair, and he will be heard. He will make the right decisions. He will listen to the community to find out what we need, and he will best suit us. Gary is by far the best man for the job.

He worked at Connors State College for 22 years. That should say something about what he thinks about our children’s education and future.

Ed Cannaday, on the other hand, worked at Webbers Falls Public Schools and was very unfair and unprofessional about several things. The treatment he gave out was based on who you were and what your last name was.

Cannaday hasn’t held any job for a long period of time. He quit school and went into the military, taught at a school, worked at a slaughterhouse and dairy and retired from Webbers Falls school.

Cannaday has made the impression that he is better than everyone else. He has made comments about the surrounding community that we’re all a bunch of dumb rednecks.

It has always stood out that such an educated man like Cannaday could say something like that. We don’t want this kind of man to be our state representative, do we?

Vote Updyke.

Linda Standifird

Webbers Falls

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