(Editor’s note: Ward IV has three candidates listed on Tuesday’s ballot. However, the Phoenix has not been able to contact one of the candidates, Barry Alexander Rader III.)


I proudly served this community for 16 years as a peace officer (city, county and public school officer), and together we have resolved issues that have had a positive outcome. I've received two letters of commendation because of my rapport with the community. I have lobbied for our children at the state Capital, collaborating with our elected officials.

The City of Muskogee entrusted me with the honor of its character recognition 2006.

It’s not education, and it’s not jobs. It's basic life skills. Until we address the core of our poverty we will not progress (Recession will affect us all).

We have great organizations already established with various projects to help better the community, we need to support them. "Many eyes see a lot but, it takes focus to see a clear vision."


My Qualifications are the following:

• Currently serving as the incumbent councilman of Ward IV for the city of Muskogee.

• Served as chairman of the Tulsa Urban League for two years and a board member for four years.

• Served on a Mayor's Task Force Committee for two years.

• Served in leadership positions with the Fatherhood Coalition as a facilitator and spokesperson.

• Served in public relations and community development.

1. Demographically, we are experiencing a number of our citizens within or beyond retirement age. As a community we need to address the needs of these age groups. We need to ensure that the appropriate health care facilities and other services are in place to address the needs of our citizens. Particularly those on a fixed income.

2. There are a number of homeless and below poverty individuals and families in our community. We need to ensure that we have services available to assist these individuals in our community. The city needs needs to contract more with agencies that specialize in providing these kinds of services.

3. The youth in our city have developed a "Take It Back" campaign, where the initiative is to bring awareness to the problem of drug abuse in our community. This type of positive initiative should be supported by Muskogee, and we need to take active part to ensure that our families and children are receiving the type of support required to address alcohol and drug addictions.

4. There is a strong need to support our small businesses. Muskogee's economic base thrived on small business industry. We need to ensure our foundation maintains its strength and viability.

There are so many important issues to address, certainly any of the above mentioned initiatives could be supported by these funds. However, the community should be involved in the decision-making process regarding these funds. The follow through on the decision must occur to maintain credibility between city and its citizens.

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