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Lucy Laird, the accountant consultant for the Oklahoma Blood Institute, answers questions about the Muskogee Community Challenge Blood Drive s…

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Volunteers who want to take part in what is being described as "an ambitious project" are being encouraged to register in advance and help cle…

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A storm turned last year’s National Night Out community event into a night in, but this year’s celebration hopes to live up to its name.

A little over two weeks ago, a group of Tahlequah officials and concerned citizens took a stroll through what has been loosely termed "the Greenbelt." The idea, said Mayor Sue Catron, was to "walk and dream." The first tendrils of the dream starting coming into focus a few years ago, but now, local residents may be able to watch as the dream becomes reality.

Even before the first patent was granted for a metal detector in 1925, people searched for ways to locate metal and ore. While some used the devices to benefit the mining industry or military operations, the handheld devices have led to a hobby for treasure hunters.

TAHLEQUAH – Oklahoma is the epicenter of the nation’s opioid epidemic. In Cherokee County alone, 30 people died of unintentional prescription …