Mike Kays, Phoenix Sports Editor

Mike Kays, Phoenix Sports Editor

It revved up emotions on both sides. The political commercials were dissected and debated.

No, not the immigration issue and no, not even the Oklahoma governor’s race.

Let it be said that 44,658 more votes were cast in the State Question 788 initiative petitioning for approval of medicinal marijuana than in both gubernatorial primaries. We probably all knew that some among us really don’t see the importance of capitol goings-on, in spite of a budget crisis both there and in the classrooms across the state. That’s probably not a good thing, since it would be an easy assumption that some of those have kids or will have kids.

Now, with 788 on its way to becoming the law of the land, one concern is how this might impact sport and particuiarly at the high school level — where bodies are still developing.

And yet the reality is, weed is already in the schools and has been for years. We just can’t find it or when we do, we either do what we can, which doesn’t seem to deter it, or just give up and turn away from it. Arrests don’t seem to deter it much.

Alcohol is certainly not foreign to teen-age kids either, even though we all know what the law says. Kids have been known to have it at parties, some even hosted by parents who probably should know better.

SQ 788 may represent some challenges as far as reconciling the measure with existing drug testing for athletes. As far as administration for pain, if that becomes a reason for administration, medicinal marijuana may even be safer than some of the dangerous opioids.

But the moral issue left the house years ago, thanks to what is either tolerated or approached with apathy. So any abuse of the guidelines will have been an intention all along...

Speaking of stressful topics, anyone nervous about another member of the NBA Players Union messing up your Independence Day holiday?

Let it go. You can’t control it. You can control your grill, your number of fireworks you buy and goodness, look at the lakes you have to choose from. Play your own free-agent game with those. Heck, do it even with the fireworks dealers in town to help you celebrate. Bargain shop.

If Paul George leaves, so what? Did OKC really accomplish much more with him than without him? Look at it that way. Back-to-back first-round exits.

Sure, George’s love for home, which is LA, might give way to his love for Russell Westbrook. But then again, well, you know what purpose cupcakes have on Fourth of July picnics.

So for that part of Thunder nation who can’t enjoy the holiday on your own doings, here’s what has to happen to make you feel all celebratory:

1. Westbrook throws a party Saturday night with an announcement that his buddy is staying. In that case, give thanks at church. Perfect timing.

2. LeBron James shuns Magic Johnson’s pitch on behalf of Lakers tradition and goes to Philadelphia, the team with the best financial shot at him outside of LA. Yeah, there’s still Cleveland, but he’s given them what he came back to give them. Unike KD, his olive branch was extended and received. Philly is primed to take over the East if James shuns Boston and heads that way. The East is much less a battle of beasts than the West.

3. The Spurs realize that dealing Kawhi Leonard to any team in the West, let alone the Lakers, serves their purposes in no way. They don’t want the disgruntled Leonard in camp come fall, so they can’t ask for the world for him.

But certainly there’s better suitors in the East. James may well wait to see what Leonard does, but word is he wants to get this over with fast. The Spurs, therefore, could stretch their situation out and see where all the FA chips fall. Those who miss out on a big target may come to them with the pitch they want. If James picks the Lakers by Monday, PG13 may follow quickly. For Magic, two out of three won’t be bad.

Now, try to have a good week.

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