I am anticipating eating way too much over the Thanksgiving holiday, and it will take everything I’ve got to roll myself out of a nice warm bed, stuff myself into hunting clothes meant for someone 40 pounds lighter and waddle out in the predawn frigid air to my favorite deer blind come the end of the week.

My lovely spouse will be up and on a mission herself – to pounce on that rare species – the Black Friday bargain.

So this Friday morning, my wife and I will both be sitting in the dark, cold morning air, waiting for a big opening and the sun won’t be up yet.

 I’ll be sitting in a deer blind and my wife will be on the trail of the ultimate Christmas gift for each person on her list.

Christmas fliers and catalogs from the various hunting and fishing stores have been arriving in our mailbox for the last few days.

Somehow, I always manage to salvage a few of them from the trash can. Here are a few suggestions for gifts for lovers of the outdoors. These are available at major retailers.

Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game (2nd ed.). It won the Mensa and Parent’s Choice Awards

Parents who had traveled to every single National Park worked together with their board game designer son and created a game to inspire others and help families share their love of the National Parks in a fun way. (trektheparks.com) Price $50.


Trekking The National Parks: The Family Trivia Game includes 610 trivia questions as well as six custom national park themed whiteboards and markers. (trektheparks.com) Price $30.


Popular Science magazine shared the following items in its recent issue.


For deer hunters the Flextone All-N-One deer call Price $15.


For duck hunters, the Zink PH-2 duck call that is studier than ones made of from wood. Price $30.


For the elk hunter, Primos Bullet Bugle call. Price $40


For the turkey hunter, a David Halloran Longbox call. Price $125.


For another idea, how about a rod sleeve for protecting your guides on your fishing rod? Price $6-$12.


Subscriptions to outdoor magazines or the purchase of a hunting or fishing license for the year or a lifetime are also welcome presents.

Perhaps the greatest gift someone can give or receive actually costs very little.

Take a few minutes and call that friend, relative, or, better yet, a person you’ve had a disagreement or falling out with and take the initiative to patch things up.

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