The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association’s board of directors will have a meeting today to discuss the Summer Activities Plan.

Among the items discussed will be a three-phase plan for allowing coaches and student-athletes.

The OSSAA worked with state agencies, physicians and the CDC to develop the plan. All of the following mandates must be in place to restart. The plan is fluid and adjustments may need to be made.


Phase 1: June 1 - June 28

On June 1, OSSAA member school coaches may have face-to-face contact with secondary level students using special provisions. No practice or activity-specific instruction, or camps, clinics or leagues may be conducted. Strength and conditioning is permitted.

Everyone must have their temperature checked upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature higher than 100.4 must be sent home. Hands must be washed and hand sanitizer used before touching any equipment. Locker rooms and bathrooms must be sanitized before and after use each day.

There will be a two-person maximum at any piece of equipment, and the spotter must wear a mask. All groups must be at least 6 feet apart, with the total number of people in the weight room complying with 6 feet between each group. Hands must be washed every 30 minutes, and activities using weights, balls, bats, helmets and more must be disinfected every 30 minutes.

Coaches must wear face masks and no personal equipment, like bottles, towels and gloves, are permitted.

There will be no one-on-one scrimmaging, no infield or outfield drills and batting practice must only be live pitch with no catcher or from a tee.


Phase 2: June 29 - July 31

No camps, clinics or leagues may be conducted. Activity-specific instruction may begin.

All participants must comply with social distancing measures. No activity will be longer than 60 minutes. Football practice can be held if it is noncontact only.

Noncontact is defined as the only protective equipment used is helmets, players shall not participate in drills that are designed to cause direct contact with another person. Training devices like air and stand-up dummies, tackling wheels or blocking shields may be used.

Intrasquad scrimmages will be allowed and tryouts will be permitted.

On July 15, unrestricted practice may begin for band, cross country, fall baseball, fastpitch softball and volleyball.


Phase 3: Aug. 1

Practice may continue for band, cross country, fall baseball, fastpitch softball and volleyball. All other activities shall

All nonathletic activities are included in these restrictions. Screening players must occur each day. If a person is sent home, they are not permitted to return the same day.

This plan will be presented to the OSSAA’s board of directors Friday. If approved, it will be sent out to administrators across the state immediately after the meeting’s conclusion and begin the process of restarting high school activities.

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