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Fishing report


 Fort Gibson: March 11. Elevation above average, water 47 and stained. Black crappie fair on hair jigs, jigs, minnows, tube jigs, and crappie custom jigs in chartreuse and black around brush structure, creek channels, docks, and creek channels, 6 to 8 ft, popping a cork. Blue, channel, and flathead catfish fair on goldfish, live shad, and Jug lines with the first hook at 22 ft. deep around channels, river channel, and from Crooked Hook to Sequoyah Bay in the deep holes up to 60 ft. White bass fair on hair jigs, live shad, and sassy shad around creek channels, river channel, and staging to spawn in the creek mouths. Report submitted by Rick Stafford, Wagoner.

Grand: March 9. Elevation normal, water 38. White and black crappie good on jigs and plastics around docks, main lake, and 20-30ft deep. White bass good on jigs, plastics, and trolling around river channel and Spring River. Paddlefish good on snagging around the river mouth and north end of lake. Blue catfish are also biting well in deep water on cut shad. Report submitted by Marni Loftis, game warden stationed in Delaware County.

Lower Illinois River: March 8. Elevation above average, water 44 and clear. Rainbow trout slow on in-line spinnerbait and powerbait below the dam, and around Eddies and current breaks. Water releases at Tenkiller Dam has made fishing difficult. Report submitted by Jeremy Bersche, game warden stationed in Sequoyah County.

Greenleaf. March 15. Water elevation normal, temperature 47 and murky. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass fair on billbaits, buzzbaits, crankbaits, inline spinnerbait, jerk bait, plastics and spinnerbaits in brush structure, channels, coves, creek channels, flats, points, shallows, shorelines, standing timber and weed beds. Black and white crappie fair on grubs, hari jigs, jigs, minnows and tube jigs in brush structure, channels, coves, shorelines and standing timber.  Blue and channel catfish fair in channels, coves, creek channels, flats, shallows and near spillway. Submitted by Lark Wilson.

Hudson, March 14. Elevation rising. Water temp lower 50s and stained. Black and white crappie fair on jigs and minnows in brush structure and near docks. Largemouth bass fair on Alabama Rig, jerkbait on main lake and points. Blue and channel catfish slow, use cut bait and shad in flats and main lake. Submitted by Kody Moore.

Keystone, March 12. Elevation normal, water clear. Blue catfish good on cut bait below the dam. White crappie fair on jigs and minnows in brush structure and docks. 

Eufaula, March 15. Elevation normal, water murky. White bass fair on sassy shad, small lures and tube jigs in creek channels and tailwater. White and black crappie good on minnows, small lures, tube jigs and brush structure, river channel and standing timber. Blue catfish and channel catfish good on chicken liver, cut bait, shad on channels and flats.


April 6 

T-H Marine BFL event, Three Forks Harbor, April 6, 6:30 a.m. launch and weight-in 2:30-6:30 p.m. Registration, 4-6 p.m. April 5 at Three Forks Harbor. Priority registration by March 26, late fees apply April 2. Info: (918) 683-9700.

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