Outlaw Motor Speedway’s days of serving dirt track racing in the area has apparently come to an end.

Ryan Lowe, who announced in August of last year that he and his wife Jodi had agreed to a lease-purchase agreement, effective in January, with owners Gary and Teresa Clay of the track south of Muskogee, announced in a Facebook video on the Outlaw Motor Speedway page Monday night that the deal was not going to go through.

“I was made aware that he had a contract with our local realtor  and our lease would not take place until that contract was fulfilled, I believe at the end of January,” he said in the video, adding that “(Gary) said if somebody came and offered full price he would probably sell it  When we met (last) Wednesday he said he sold it to (an) out of state outfit that does not have plans on it ever being a place for racing again.”

Lowe did not identify the purchaser. According to Lowe, Clay said that he his decision was financial for family reasons.

Clay could not be reached for comment. Lowe approached him last year when it became apparent Clay would not operate the facility in 2022. Lowe took over and ran the Octoberfest event.

The Clays had repurchased the dirt racing track located on U.S. 69 at the Wainwright exit and restarted racing in 2020. They were original owners when the track was built in 2003 and sold it to Danny Womack in 2008. The track was shuttered under then-owner John Fiore in 2016.

The transaction leaves Thunderbird Speedway, which operated a specials-only schedule in 2021, as the area's only race facility.

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