Gatlin and Harper Hasler, son and daughter of John Jr., and Amy Hasler, debuted a football show wrapping up week one of the Fort Gibson Tigers’ season last weekend.


Imagine what can happen if you just do your chores, kids.

For Gatlin and Harper Hasler, it seemed so simple. Do those, and watch their favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

Oh wait, back up. 

It’s not a cartoon. It’s “Good Morning Football”  on the NFL Network.

And look what it inspired — last Saturday, Gatlin, 10, and Harper, 8, with the help of their father and Fort Gibson football videographer John Hasler Jr., put together their own show. 

“Top to Bottom Football” is supposed to be about all levels of football, but the debut was all about the Fort Gibson Tigers.

“I thought it was entertaining,” said Harper about NFL Network’s morning production. “And I want to entertain people.”

Harper has played a little flag football in the Fort Gibson youth league. Gatlin plays and eats, sleeps and drinks football.

“His granddad (John Hasler Sr., also part of the video team and a Phoenix freelance photographer) got him the NFL 100 book  and he may be the only 10-year-old who can talk to you about 1950s football,” Hasler Jr. said.

He’s right. 

Gatlin rolled off Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, names some high school players today may not know. The reporter got him, though, in asking about the Ice Bowl — which the way Gatlin locked in on the details being shared, it’s a certainty he’s researched it well by the time you read this. 

In Gatlin's defense, the Ice Bowl wasn't in the 50s, but 1967.

Last Saturday, while mom and dad napped, brother and sister got notepads out and it was on to work.with the instructions of planning their segments — which they called Game Recap, Really Bro?, Swag Alert and the Flying Tiger of the Week.

Without spoiling it here, check it out. You’ll want to. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4GGprQvKbo). Harper brings the swag, Gatlin the football brains. Mom or Dad delivered the milk and cookies, and it’s all about highlights and laughs.

“The coaches got it and immediately sent it to each of the players,” Hasler Jr., said. “Some high school teachers showed it.”

It should soon be a weekly hit in the elementary schools. Hasler Jr. is also an official over the Fort Gibson youth league and aims to find ways to bond those kids with the high school program.

This may well do it.

“My kids watched the national show and they’re telling me, ‘We need guests. You know the players real well, get the player of the game up here,’ Hasler Jr., said with a laugh. “I’m like ‘for a season let’s take it easy and go from there.’”

Don’t underestimate the siblings though.

Gatlin could take over Tiger play by play right now. Ask anyone near him and his mother Amy at the games. It’s like having their own radio nearby.

“I watch a lot of football, I play a lot of Madden and I really like the high school team,” said Gatlin. 

Add to his qualifications playing quarterback himself.

Who knows where this goes. Hasler Sr. was once a TV reporter in Tulsa.

“Gatlin has told me he wants to be follow in the footsteps of Tony Romo, first as an NFL quarterback then as a commentator,” Hasler Jr. said.

They’re both off to a good start.

On Saturday, they’ll be back at it again. Watch for it early in the week. 

One day, it just might be live.

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